Welcome to the website for Yes!Northampton and its campaign to win the Proposition 2 ½ override ballot question on Tuesday, June 25.

Yes!Northampton’s goal is to achieve progressive federal and state tax reform so that people who can afford to pay more for the public services we all rely upon are doing so. But right now, in the face of continued state aid losses, Northampton faces a very clear and stark choice: vote YES on the override or suffer extreme budget cuts that will seriously compromise the fundamental educational needs of our children and our public safety.  Visit Why Yes to learn more about this choice.

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This override proposal promises us fiscal stability for at least the next four years.  Without the override, not only do we face extreme cuts this year, but we are virtually assured of facing more of the same in the immediate years to come.  Check out City Budget Facts to learn about Mayor Narkewicz’s responsible and sound plan.

Please join us in this campaign for our community. We look forward to working together to KEEP NORTHAMPTON GREAT.  VOTE YES.


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